We’re happy to announce our latest arrival to the Tippers Precision Concrete fleet! Our new ProAll LT8025 Volumetric Concrete Mixer! Tippers Precision Concrete now has Five Volumetric Mixers and One Line Pump, we’re here for all of your concrete needs.

Why choose Tippers Precision Concrete?
  • 5 Mixers on Fleet – Quick Turnaround Time from Call to Delivery.
  • Concrete Pump on the fleet available for hire with extended reach up to 90m.
  • Unlike traditional rotary concrete mixers, our vehicles carry the individual ingredients in different compartments and mix them together when we get to you. This means that we will only deliver what you need, even if you miscalculated the original quote.
  • No Waste or Return Load Charges. You won’t be charged for using less, like the old days where sending a lorry load of concrete back to the batching plant could cost you hundreds of pounds.
  • Multiple Mixes in One Load.
  • Mixed on-site to your specifications, or volumetric as it’s also known, is the future of concrete delivery.
  • BSI Accredited.

When you choose Tippers Precision Concrete for your concrete delivery, you can expect a smooth and professional experience. They provide flexibility in offloading options, whether you need a straight tip, into a pump or delivery into wheelbarrows, and they prioritize keeping their equipment clean. Remember that while they take care of the delivery aspect, you should have your own team or contractor in place for concrete placement. By understanding the expectations and process of a concrete delivery, you can ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently, from start to finish.

Call Tippers Precision Concrete on 01543 440035 to book or visit
Mixed On Site Concrete for more information.