Most construction projects require concrete at some point so it’s important to understand the different types of concrete pump and how they suit your requirements. Concrete pumps are the perfect option if you have a large pour to complete or have a site with difficult or limited access.

Line Pump

A Line Pump (also called a stationary or ground pump) are probably the most common type of concrete pump. Concrete is poured into the hopper at the back of the pump truck, which then pushes the concrete down a series of steel pipes or rubber hoses. These can be positioned to manoeuvre around obstacles and can even be used through existing buildings and properties. Our concrete pump is capable of pumping concrete up to 90m.

Benefits of a Line Pump:

  • Saves a large amount of labour compared to manually moving concrete with wheelbarrows.
  • Concrete can pumped easier at inaccessible sites
  • Concrete can be pumped through houses and buildings
  • Pump can be positioned further away from pour site

Disadvantages of Line Pump

  • Suited to Small-Medium Construction Projects
  • Not suitable for pouring concrete at height/incline

Boom/Aerial Pump

A Boom Pump (also called Aerial Pump) are the most advanced type of concrete pump. Similar to the line pump; concrete is poured into the hopper on the pump, however the concrete is then pushed to heights of up to 70m! An aerial concrete pump is the perfect choice if you need concrete pouring to hard to reach areas, up and over obstacles and even into buildings!

Benefits of a Boom Pump

  • Higher Pumping/Output Capacity than a Line Pump
  • Pumps Concrete Vertically with Ease
  • Pour over a high obstacle (such as scaffolding or existing structures) into a lower area
  • Precise control of pouring location
  • Suited to Medium/Large Construction Projects

Disadvantages of Boom Pump

  • Limited to approximately 70m reach (compared to 90m with a Line Pump)
  • Often more expensive to hire – not suited to small construction projects
  • Pump must be positioned fairly close to the pour site

It’s important you book the best suited concrete pump for your job. If you need help deciding which one is right for you, give Tippers Precision Concrete a call on 01543 440035 to discuss your requirements. Our specialist concrete team is always happy to help.

Line Pump in Action

Boom Pump in Action