What is Loft Insulation?

Loft insulation is a thick material that has been designed for thermal insulation in the home. Glass Mineral Wool insulation is made of glass fibres that have been arranged with a binder to create a material similar to wool. During the manufacturing process, small pockets of air become trapped between the glass fibres and it is the air pockets that result in high thermal insulation. Knauf’s Loft Roll 44 has several unique benefits including thermal, fire safety, comfort and acoustic that provide an unbeatable performance.

Knauf Loft Roll 44

Knauf’s Loft Roll 44 has been manufactured with Glass Mineral Wool and is suitable for use in cold lofts where pitched roofs are insulated at ceiling level. The roll is non-combustible and has a Euroclass A1 reaction to fire classification. The loft roll has been compression packed and is extremely lightweight, making it easy to handle and move around the site that you wish to insulate. This particular product is combi-cut which means that they are partially perforated which ensures full flexibility for when using between joists or using uncut as a full-width roll, making the DIY process even more simple.

We supply Loft Roll 44 in several sizes that have been manufactured in long and short lengths dependent on your needs.

Thermal Performance

People often associate loft insulation with providing thermal insulation for these cold winter days. However, loft insulation is just as effective at maintaining cool temperatures during the summer months. The larger the temperature difference between the outside and inside of a building, the quicker the building loses heat in the winter and gains heat in the summer. Mineral Wool Insulation maintains a stable temperature in the building by slowing down the heat transfer that comes as a result of conduction, convection and radiation. Insulation is an all year round investment, not just a winter investment as it helps save on heating in the winter and air conditioning units in the summer.


Without effective loft insulation, the building is at a significantly higher risk of uncontrolled condensation, air leaks, mould spores, microbial organic compounds and mildew. Loft Roll 44 provides a solution to all of the aforementioned risks; not only does the Glass Mineral Wool prevent these risks, but it also contributes to increased indoor air quality.


We often associate loft insulation with its thermal insulation benefits, but it also features excellent acoustic insulation. The unique fibre matrix traps sound waves which results in less sound energy passing through, in turn, reducing overall noise pollution.

Fire Safety

Although buildings are already designed to minimise the risk of fire and spread, Knauf’s loft insulation provides the best possible A1 Euroclass reaction to fire classification. Not only does the loft roll act as a barrier to fire, it will also not add to the fire’s development stages which will maximise your building’s stability and will aid in your ability to safely leave the building.

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